10 de abril de 2012

Vértigo bajo un cielo ominoso

Scottie: Madeleine, tell me where? Where do you go? What takes you away? When you jumped into the bay, you didn't know where you were. You guessed but you didn't know.
Madeleine: I didn't jump. I didn't jump I tell you. You told me I jumped.
Scottie: Why did you jump? Why did you jump?
Madeleine: Oh I can't tell you.
Scottie: Why did you jump? What was there inside that told you to jump?
Madeleine: No please. Please.
Scottie: What? What?
Madeleine: Please don't ask me. Please don't ask me. Get me away from here.
Scottie: Shall I take you home?
Madeleine: Somewhere in the light. Promise me something? Promise you won't ask me again? Please promise me that.

"Vertigo" (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958)

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el chico de la consuelo dijo...

No sé si da más miedo la raya del abismo o la del horizonte

Di Vagando rocks dijo...

TXELOS: dispara. Te puedes imaginar cuántos, desde que la historia es histora, han mirado desde allí a la del horizonte y de allí al abismo? No quiero pensar.

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